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    As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve on a daily basis, our priority at Vetoquinol is to continue to provide service and delivery of your veterinary products. We have put in several measures to reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading for our employees’ safety and our processes.


    You can therefore contact your buying group, your Territory Manager or our customer service team by dialing 1-800-363-1700 for your Vetoquinol products.


    COVID-19 and your pet: what you need to know

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    About us

    The 9th largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world, Vetoquinol is first and foremost an independent, family-owned business.Deeply committed to its values, it has always enjoyed a close relationship with its vet clients.

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    Our brand new veterinarian-dedicated interface detailed here.


  • In-Clinic Biosecurity website - Biosécurité en clinique vétérinaire

    Cleaning And Disinfection Guide For Animal Health Facilities

    Step-by-step protocols and techniques for employees responsible for the cleaning and disinfection of animal care facilities.

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  • Cefaseptin

    Cefaseptin is the easy way to administer cefalexin

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Vetoquinol products

  • ALLERG-3


    AllerG-3 is formulated with omega-3 fatty acids to improve skin and coat condition in dogs and cats and to support kidney and heart function.

  • Aurizon

    Aurizon® for outstanding efficacy in treating otitis externa in dogs

  • BNP


    BNP combines triple antibiotic spectrum for the treatment of conjunctivitis in cats and dogs.


  • BNPH


    BNPH has all the benefits of BNP, with added hydrocotisone acetate to provide rapid relief of eye irritation and photophobia.


  • Bioestrovet

    Bioestrovet is an analogue of prostaglandin F2α to induce luteolysis in cattle. Bioestrovet can also be used to manipulate the estrous cycle.

  • Ceftiocyl ceftiofur swine and cattle


    Veterinary use only

  • Ferroforte

    FerroForte: injectable iron for the prevention and treatment of iron-deficiency anemia in newborn piglets.

  • Fertiline

    Fertiline is a gonadorelin acetate sterile injectable solution developed for cattle. Fertiline is Canada’s best selling GnRH.

  • Equine Super Diet

    Equine Super Diet is an equine vitamin and mineral supplement. Make sure your horses have what they need with Equine Super Diet.

  • Nutrequin equine

    Nutrequin Classic Formula

    Nutrequin® Classic Formula is a vitamin and mineral supplement in an apple-flavoured, wheat-germ meal base for performance and breeding horses.

  • Nutrequin elite equine

    Nutrequin Elite

    Nutrequin® Elite is a vitamin and mineral supplement for performance horses.

  • Zylkene Equine 2g

    Zylkene Equine

    Zylkene® Equine, a natural nutritional supplement with calming properties, without any sedative side effects. It is developed for horses and contains alpha-S1 tryptic casein.

  • Biosolve AFC

    Biosolve AFC

    Biosolve AFC is a Heavy-Duty Acidic, High Foaming Cleaner & Descaler



  • BioSolve Plus 20L

    BioSolve Plus

    Biosolve® Plus is a multi purpose heavy duty alkaline cleaner and degreaser

  • FastDraw®

    FastDraw: a 2nd-generation anticoagulant rodenticide, formulated with the lowest concentration of the newest active ingredient, which is undetectable by rats and mice.

  • Hombre

    Hombre: a 2nd-generation anticoagulant rodenticide, formulated with the lowest concentration of the newest active ingredient, which is undetectable by rats and mice.

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